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Site Name: Everest Poker
Founded: 2005
Network: Boss Media/IPN
Bonus: 100% up to $1000
Bonus Code: ACETO5
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Everest Poker Review:

The audience of Everest Poker is mostly inexperienced players with low stakes. It is appropriate place for mature players wishing to win easy cash as well as for beginners, who want to play in friendly atmosphere. $$0.01/$0.02 is the start point in No Limit and the highest of it is equal to $25/$50. Most participants consider this range to be enough for them. Others wishing high stakes should seek it elsewhere.

Nowadays Everest Poker doesn’t accept players of US residence. This happened due to the UIGEA. Russian and China players are also in that list.

For the past few years Everest Poker due to its hard work has made substantial growth and became famous among poker-players. Now it has independent poker-room in its own network proudly called the Everest Network. For the last time they managed to become the 6th most-played Internet network. If you are a beginner in poker playing, then this is the very place to start. Recently the Everest Network fettled the software in order to meet modern requirements.

But there are also several jugged edges. One of them is the lack of games diversity, because only Omaha and Hold‘em variations are available. Other poker sites can offer at least some Stud varieties and sometimes draw games. Besides, if you don’t have a new model of a computer, you probably will be irritated with limited quantity of simultaneously played tables (no more than twelve). But nevertheless players in common find more positive moments than negative when playing at Everest Poker.

Everest Poker Bonuses and Promotions:

The great thing at the Everest Poker is their signup bonus, which is equal to $600 independently on the sum of deposit. This means that you will get $600 bonus for opening an account in case of making $5 deposit as well as $300 deposit. But the edge of this is that you are to make a deposit in order to clear up that bonus. The player doesn’t get his $600 bonus at once; it is allocated to his account in increments. Only when opening an account through our site you can get $600 bonus, so be confident that you sign up with the links shown on this page. For claiming your bonus use code ACETO5. If you signed up incorrectly the bonus cannot be applied, and the code will not work. One more time make sure that you entered correct code ACETO5 to claim your improved $600 bonus!

Everest Poker just started a new VIP program, which called ‘The Summit Club’. Here players are given an opportunity to convert in cash their Summit Points through the software. Conversion rate is 1 SP for $0.004. Depending on player’s tier monthly he can convert up to $5,000. This works almost like a rakeback. It represents a huge bonus for most loyal players. By increasing one’s VIP level he will also get a Summit Point bonus, which can reach up to 750%. If you want to be eligible for the Summit Club you are to earn not less than 500 points in one month. Earning even more gives you an opportunity for progressing further up the ranks and getting great rewards.

Everest Poker offers also a friend-referral bonus. This means that you receive $200 for each signed up friend based on your referral (the maximum is 100 per 180 days). The size of your bonus is dependent on your VIP-tier. You can claim this bonus when your signed-up friend makes real-cash deposit. Clearance of this bonus is made in the same way as clearance of sign up bonus. Earn money easily!

Everest Poker Software:

Everest poker provides with its own unique software, instead of simply a shell of one of usual poker rooms, and they it on a very high level. The downloader is approximately 1.1 Mb plus it will consume few more Mb after the launch in order to have everything to install properly.

Unfortunately US players are not allowed at this time; consequently they are prohibited from downloading and creating accounts with the Everest Poker client. Linux and Mac users are also unfairly shared as download client is assigned for Windows. If you use Windows outside of the USA, then you should certainly check Everest Poker.

Everest Poker has easy-to-use lobby. Just decide if you want to play Hold’em Omaha, SNG Tournaments or Regular Tournaments and then you can go more specific using some filter options like Fixed Limit, No Limit or 1-on-1. Once you are sure exactly what type of poker game you want to play, you can even customize a filter that will show you only those games that satisfy your personal conditions.
Everest supports up to 12 tables at the same time, however the more tables you open the slower the client operates, it could even overload your CPU. Regarding the table resizing, you can expand or narrow Everest’s tables however you want, but they also provides you with the rare option – to set a size of the tables out of four choices of different resolution. Along with the possibility to change your table according your personal conditions, this option of the Everest Poker is a flagship site among others.

Everest Poker offers following deposit options:
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