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Site Name: PKR Poker
Founded: 2006
Network: PKR Network
Bonus: 125% up to $500
Bonus Code: AF500
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PKR Poker Review:

Today PKR stands out from any other online poker rooms thanks to innovation that they have imparted to the old game, giving brand new live feel through the options of personalization. While playing poker on the customary sites all comes to clicking the mouse without any real action that keeps average player charmed. In contrast at the PKR you will never become bored.

The layout of the PKR lobby is one of the best we have met till now. Everything is arranged well including colors and tabs. Anything what is displayed can be customized as well as the table’s placement. In addition you can design your own character in order to use it as avatar at the tables by checking the “Me” tab on the top. If you want to personalize your character even more you can spend PKR Points in the lobby to get chip tricks, clothing or choose one of the countless selections to meet your preferences.

Having a first knowledge of the software you might think that it is too overloaded by the options. Probably once you start you would need to change the view of the camera to more comfortable. It offers surprisingly wide range of the camera options starting from overview to a first person option. Besides the camera options you can locate some animated motions for your avatar. There is a big list of them to make the game process and chat more interesting. Of course your character has some catch phrases. That can be quite annoying because many players keep repeating the same ones multiple times. And yes, there is an option to mute them. These features may be exciting for players looking for a fun game, still for serious players they are just discomfort.

Another shortcoming of the platform is that your cards are not always visible for you. When cards are dealt for the first time your avatar shows them to you, after they just disappear and are not visible until the moment you click “Look at Cards”. Seems to be there is no option which allows your cards to be permanently displayed – major omission. The reason why games are often decelerated is that players want once more to look at their hand before make next move. It also makes, itself complicated enough, multi-tabling even more difficult.

During the game hand histories option is available at once allowing to use it straight at the table. In order to use it you need to click the tab at the right side of the table. In addition hand histories data is automatically exported to your desktop. One shortage of that function is that it is saved in some messy format. Currently PKR is not supported by the Poker Tracker or similar programs.

PKR has its own and amazing view of the online poker. Creating it in 3D environment definitely makes the game more realistic. But for the serious poker players PKR might be considered much like as superficial. While there is an opportunity to play maximum 12 tables at the same time, it gets really hard with more than four. They are currently working to improve this feature. For instance, when playing more than 1 table, there is minimized view of the tables on the right sidebar of the window. By clicking on any of these minimized views you can maximize the pointed table to a normal size.

Special for Mac users PKR offers exclusive software client. This platform is close analog to the one for PC.

PKR Poker Bonus and Promotions:

At present time PKR Poker promotes an outstanding bonus offer for all players, no matter if you are newcomer or have been playing there for some time. If the PKR software is not enough for you, then we can offer 800 other reasons. If you sign up through our website you will get a great opportunity of 100% up to $800 first deposit bonus. To get the bonus you need to follow the link on this page and enter the ACETO5 bonus code once you make your first deposit. To clear this bonus you need to accumulate 180k of PKR Points. If you deposited less than $800 the clearing rate is 225 PKR Points per $1.

PKR Poker offers following deposit options:
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