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Site Name: Poker770
Founded: 2002
Network: Ipoker
Bonus: 200% up to $2000
Bonus Code: ACETO5
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Poker770 Review:

Poker 770 which earlier was known as Partouche Casinos’ Poker Room nowadays is one of the most popular online poker sites. It is a part of large-scale and considerable iPoker network. Poker770 was the first website, where webcams were implemented. This measure was taken in order to guarantee players that they will not play against programs. Players are able to see their opponent’s feed on the table.

Being part of the iPoker network No-Limit Hold’em games are most playable on Poker770 site. This even prevents playing other games. Fascinating games with a favorable ratio to the player are offered on Poker770. Player traffic is rather high at micro-stakes, low-stakes and mid-stakes. But it goes lower as stakes come closer to $2/$4 NLH. On Poker770 rarely start games with stakes higher than that. For people knowing just a little of poker it is not difficult to earn some money in here.


Poker770 Tournaments:

Very plentiful tournaments do not generate volume as much as cash games on Poker770. Players at any time can find many tournaments ready to start. This helps to participate in many events that are running all the time. One can register for tourney beginning just from 50c buy-in and ending by $2500+$200. Every day there many tournament are started which have guaranteed prize pools equal to $500-$20,000. Once in month one can take part in $500+$35 tourney with guaranteed prize pool, which is equal to $1,000,000. Therewith every Friday a $300+$20 tournament is available. Its guaranteed sum is $250,000. Winning in any of those tournaments can make anyone much richer, so don’t think any longer about taking part in them!

Players at any time can find many running Sit-n-Go’s with stakes up to $50+5 buy-ins. Registration for games with higher stakes will probably take a while, especially in off-peak hours.

Poker770 Software & Graphics:

Software interface of Poker770 comes courtesy of Playtech’s iPoker’s soft which is being a skin. That’s why it shares almost all basic characteristics of other skins of iPoker.

Installation of software for playing on Poker770 is very easy. In addition it offers 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese). The website of Poker770 is also multilingual. The installation consists of two parts. Firstly, the initial setup files are downloaded. They will then download necessary files in chosen language for you.

The lobby of Poker770 is easily navigated. For this purposes menus in the left side can be used. They allow narrowing in on decided games. Also there a quick search feature is available. It is very useful if you want just fire up specified limit game without navigating through all accessible games.

Poker770 interface also offers easy access to hand histories at the table. It is represented graphically. Hand histories are stored in an XML file on hard drive of your computer. It can be read by any companion software if you desire to review the game.

The unique opportunity offered by Poker770 is its MonBluff tables, which gives players the ability to see their opponents with means of a webcam. Of course, the opponents also see each other and you. So if you unwisely by an accident give away tells they will immediately pick up on it! That’s why first make some practice on your grimaces and gestures and then start earning quick benefits!


Poker770 offers following deposit options:
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