Texas Hold’em Poker Rules

Texas Hold’Em Poker Rules:

Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most popular variations of Poker in the world.

The objective of the game is to beat five-cards hands of other players by using two cards you are dealt and five cards on the table.

To play Texas Hold ‘Em you must use 52-card deck, which should be shuffled before each new round.

Texas Hold ‘Em poker hand consists of 5 cards. Highest hand beats any lower hand (i.e Full House always beat any Straight). If hand are tied – kicker(highest free card) will decide winner.

When you play, you should follow min and max betting limits for current table.

Every round consists of 5 phases:

  • Pre-Flop, dealing cards:  when the bets are placed, the dealer gives two cards to every player. After cards are dealt players decide if they would like to put an additional bet.
  • The Flop: Dealer puts three cards at the center of the table – these cards are community cards. The second round of bidding starts and if anyone decides to bid, then all other players should choose to either bid, raise or fold.
  • The Turn: Dealer turns fourth card to the table and new bidding round begins.
  • The River: Dealer turns fifth card to the table and new bidding round begins.
  • The Showdown: Players could use any 5 of 7 cards and form their hands. Cards are shown and the winner is being decided.

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